Committee Members

Joshua Molyneux

, vice president of the Crestview Housing Authority

Adrienne McKinnie

 is from McKinnie Funeral Home and has lived in Crestview for approximately 8 years.

Gene Strickland

 Director of Missions, Okaloosa Baptist Association, stated he works with 28 Baptist Churches in Northern Okaloosa County.

Ellis Conner

is a retired city employee; has served 5 years on the City Council, and is a lifetime resident of Crestview.

Michelle Simmons

 has lived in Crestview since 2006; is a Paralegal for a criminal defense firm; and is currently serving as a member of the Crestview Board of Adjustment.

Andrew Rencich

  moved to the City in 2011 with the military’s BRAC realignment; he has 14 years of military service and is currently a local business owner.

Warren Robinson

is a 17 year resident of the City, retired from the military and a current Civil Service employee.  Mr. Robison is also a member of the Board of Adjustment for the City.