GIS Division

A geographic information system, (GIS) is a system for the management, analysis and display of geographic data through models, maps and databases.

What We Do

The Crestview GIS Services and Mapping Division is in the process of compiling relevant property information and infrastructure data into a GIS. This system will allow for the complete recall of data in a quick and efficient manner. Questions concerning existing zoning districts and future land use categories, annexations, developmental issues, flood zones, easements and right of ways, will have clear and concise answers promptly available. It will also be used in monitoring development trends and patterns; tracking of the changing zoning districts and future land use category requirements as well as maintaining compliance with the City Land Development Code and Comprehensive Plan. The GIS system can be continually updated as Crestview continues its rapid development with minimal effort. In addition to tracking development of real property, the location and installation information of various utility infrastructures throughout the City will be monitored.

Public Services Department

The Public Services Department began the GPS location of the utility systems located in Crestview in the Spring of 2005. GPS is a satellite based navigational system allowing the determination of any point on the earth's surface with a high degree of accuracy given a suitable GPS receiver. The U.S. Department of Defense owns the network of satellites used for GPS location. The accumulation of this data provides an accurate and current map of the location and size of water, sanitary sewer and storm water drainage features and facilities.

Request Letter

Zoning and/or Future Land Use Information Request Letter (PDF)- Fee: $10 per parcel.
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